FUN and FUNDraising Together! 

Dear Friends and Family,

In October, Sharon made the trip out to Arizona for the Laser Spine Institute assessment of her spinal issues that are causing her such great pain. They updated the MRI and other tests, then tried nerve blocks to try to gain her some functional pain relief. It was a huge! disappointment to the four of us sisters who were present, then to all of the Circle of Friends, that a laser treatment to a particular spot along her spinal column was not going to get enough pain relief to make a significant improvement in her lifestyle. The doctors and nurses were wonderful, and sat with us through an extended discussion regarding her options, with the CT Scan for reference. The doctor gained our trust and much appreciation as he explained his rationale for recommendation of a spinal fusion which Sharon was told ten years ago was not a good option for her. We are now pursuing this option in New England. He suggested getting three neurosurgical consults. Sharon is actively researching this and will likely see a highly regarded physician in Maine in January. We are all relieved to know we still have options and that she is an "excellent candidate" for this quite routine procedure. Please continue to support as we continue the journey to pain relief for Sharon, and the vision of helping others like her who have dedicated their lives to helping people and now need a little "back"!

Please direct any questions not addressed by this update to either
Mary Noland at 602-363-2066                                             Judy Golightly at 757-968-5537 wgolightly or                                       Sharon Dauphinee at 207-942-0121