Newport New Yard Sale - Thanks to everyone! - Circle of Friends
Well, in the year of our Lord  1918 - the record high temperature in Newport News was set  104 degrees.  Yesterday, the day of our yard sale, a new record was set - 107 degrees - with a heat index of around 110 !!!   As a result - a warning was issued - people decided to be smart and stay indoors. We set up the yard sale anyway but had to shut it down early as it was not healthy for us and people pretty much stopped coming around noon. We did, however, save some of the nicer stuff and will do another in September when temps are safer.   Our take for the little bit of time we were out though was $518.00 so it was not a total loss. I am disappointed but the weather is not something we can control and 500 bucks is 500 bucks.   I am EXTREMELY thankful to Scott A. - Lynn - Dawn - Jordan - and Frankie for all of their help. They are awesome.   Now we have time to pick up some more stuff for our next venture.

Love to all  -  J
7/30/2010 06:13:50

you did a great job; looks like someone worked long and hard putting that together ! great pics !

9/5/2010 08:37:35


I love your story and initiative. May I ask how close are you to achieving your financial goal to have Laser Spine Institute's procedure done? How are you managing your chronic pain? Are you doing any physical therapy, or is your faith that keeps you going? God Bless, you!!! You're an inspiration.


9/21/2012 15:35:40

Great blog post, thanks for posting this.


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