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Sharon Rae Dauphinee was a dedicated, respected and much loved registered nurse at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine for more than thirty (30) years. Much of her nursing career was spent in Pediatrics where she provided compassionate and personalized care to hundreds of infants and their families and was role model for teamwork and professionalism among her colleagues and new nurses.

Sharon is also a treasured sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend and neighbor to hundreds of people from coast-to-coast. Always the first to provide a helping hand, Sharon remains the embodiment of the person who would literally ‘give the shirt off their back’ to help someone in need. The personal testimonies of her generosity are numerous, but often remain unspoken by the benefactors because it is widely known that Sharon’s humble spirit will not allow any such acknowledgments. Her life’s journey has truly been an expression of anonymous humility.

Unfortunately, for the past five years, Sharon has been unable to work or walk pain-free due to a debilitating back injury. Previous medical procedures have been largely unsuccessful, and despite Sharon’s best attempts at normalcy, it is obvious that her quality of life has been dramatically and negatively impacted by her condition. Of course, Sharon would be the last to admit this, but her ‘Circle of Friends’ are witness to the suffering and struggles that she faces every day.

The Laser Spine Institute (Tampa, FL; Scottsdale, AZ; and San Diego, CA) is a new clinic offering state-of-the-art non-invasive and highly successful spinal procedures. Their team of medical specialists have reviewed Sharon’s medical case history and believe that they can help her. However, due to an outdated Medicare procedural reimbursement fee schedule, the family and friends of Sharon – ‘A Circle of Friends’ need to raise nearly $20,000 in order to proceed with a planned October 2010 procedure at the Laser Spine Institute in Scottsdale. We are grateful to the doctors at the Laser Spine Institute who have already agreed to lower their fees in this case and have helped make it possible to pursue this endeavor.

We ask you to join us – Sharon’s ‘Circle of Friends’ as we embark on this challenge. Although the task of raising such a sum seems daunting in these difficult economic times, with all of us pinching pennies and reducing unnecessary expenses, we believe that we are all united on this planet and that our innate goodness drives us to help someone who has earned our love and admiration for all of these years.

With your help - either a donation of time to raise money, or through a direct financial contribution to ‘A Circle of Friends’ – you will have made a difference to the quality of life for one very deserving person.

We Thank-You with the full understanding that the best thanks usually is felt from within.

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